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Surviving the Existential Crisis of Societal Self Betrayal

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Stay In Love

If you’re not in love, then fall in love.  Love the folks who have always been there loving you.  Love the folks closest to you.  There are all kinds of people to fall in love with.  Hear their stories.  Listen to all the love stories.  They’re the only stories that teach us that the only act of true love is sacrifice.

Embrace the Unknown 

A Hero, properly defined, is someone who sacrifices her life for something bigger than herself or other than herself.  The best stories about love are about heroes.  Why?  Because that’s what’s worth writing about.   Say, “Yes!” to the adventure.  Accept the invitation.

Know that there is no radical conflict between Light and Dark or Good and Evil

That hypothesis has manufactured more trouble between us than anything else.  Understand they have their own powers and we, each of us, are in possession of both.  We know the powers of Light.  We can see them.  Our Nation was founded upon the Principles of the Enlightenment.

But what are the powers of Darkness?  Well, pretty bad in view of the fact that that Galileo was tortured for proving the Copernican Theory.  And today, we have space travel.  So, yeah… darkness is negative and it has to be dealt with so we can move on.  That’s part of us.  But it’s dark.  It’s hard to see.  Doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with it.  It’s when we deal with it, we succeed… eventually.

We’re only an individual that is part of a large continuum.  This is it.  We are each other.  The framers of our society and government understood that profoundly.  The promise that they framed out is what must be taught.  This is and has always been our Nation’s Mission.

We the People, in Order to:

•  Form a more perfect Union

•  Establish Justice

•  Insure Domestic Tranquility

•  Provide for the Common Defense

•  Promote the General Welfare

•  Secure the Blessings of Liberty

to Ourselves and to Our Posterity

Whatever happened that culminated on Election Day 2016 must have been the terminus of “none of the above.”  Are we now living the powers of the Darkness in our Government System?

We must ask ourselves if we are living in terms of humanity or are we living in terms of a system.  Is this system a threat to our lives?  We all must face it.  We operate in our society in relation to a system.  Is this a system that’s going to destroy our humanity, or are we going to be able to be responsible for a system that we use for our human purposes?

The lie we bought was that we had to change the system.  It would be better to be educated in the system, understand the system, and then live in it as human beings.

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