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With Malice Towards Everyone (else)

Malignant Narcism is generally defined as someone who has a dangerous personality disorder where they have only malice towards everyone.  Given that our Country has been attacked in this way by a foreign hostile enemy nation.

We are now a Country which is a CLIMATE of FEAR.  In the midst of the heightened fear, FAUXTUS decides to warn us of the “storm.”  What storm is he threatening?  Or is he just doing that reality show “stay tuned” moment? Does it matter?  He threatens for the sake of keeping the Country in fear.

Here’s the book we’ve been waiting for.  It’s already out of stock, but please order it and put yourself on the Wait List.

If you think that El Dotardo is dangerous now, imagine what someone with a psychiatric disorder of this magnitude will do when he is a desperate cornered animal.



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