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Losing is Part of the Human Experience. We don’t Have to Like It.

by WSWorld 2 Comments

Hate won the Election. We don’t have to like it.   15032684_10154653344466064_6800886729989946184_n

Still in shock. None of the instruments of math, statistics, and polling helped to brace ourselves to lose last night. We knew we were in for a hard fight, but we overlooked our silent weaknesses. Maybe it’s because it’s those weaknesses that we really are not conscious about at all. Or at least not conscious of how much real estate of our collective consciousness these weaknesses really occupy. We’ve created defenses to hide their actual size and shape so that they couldn’t be traced in our conversational measurement tools. Couldn’t even be tracked by people and instruments trained and designed to listen, record and count human concerns for the purpose of important political statistical data. Turns out, these weaknesses are WAY bigger than any of us thought.

Our weaknesses. As much as we were aware that we are pretty racist and sexist in America… we didn’t manage to measure just how racist and sexist we are in America. Guess what? We’re much more racist and sexist than we even imagined!!!

To understand how this could have gone right by us, I spoke to my favorite sociopath this morning. It always helps to have a sociopath explain how the world works when it’s upside down. Looking at what happened, the great white slap in the face came out of nowhere last night. That was stealth. That was the middle of the country expressing ANGER to California and New York, specifically – and all our progressive ideas… which through their big red filter sounds a lot like, “you are stupid.”

We thought that Trump doesn’t represent the blue collar undereducated white electorate. But we were wrong. When he said, “Make America Great Again,” that went through the filter as, “bring back White Privilege. America was GREAT before Civil Rights – before all people owned themselves. Bring back life under the Bible and Original Sin.” The Pope announced that women can’t be priests. Why should we expect the Biblical world to embrace a woman as President of the US? That’s deep distrust – and this is a 80% believe in God nation. God of the Bible does not like women (please see: Original Sin… the Pope still thinks we have cooties…)

How does this conversation get under the radar? Because we are dealing with racists and sexists which is an expression of sociopathy in my estimation. It sure ain’t an expression of loving and sense. Anytime I ever bring this stuff up, I get called a xenophobic, and intolerant and racist and every stupid name possible. That’s why these conversations don’t get to be engaged. They stay quiet for fear of offending anyone. That’s what sociopaths do. They make you fear offending them while they’re offending everyone.

Because if we bring up the mere topic of race, their filter hears, “you are a racist.” They’re not hearing, consider the fact that we are equal as human beings who, in a just and moral world, would be availed the same inalienable rights. They’re hearing, “you are a racist.” That’s upside down, but that’s the way life works in sociopathy world. Somehow, none of the pollsters assigned straight up ANGER and RACIST numbers large enough value. They were stealth. They came out. Angry, and ready to defend the honor of their privilege, their guns and their Bibles.

It was unsettling to watch President Obama demonized for so many years. As in the literal “Satan.” The supernatural and metaphysical representation of unresolvable evil. How does one find the capacity in one’s self to actually belief that their adversary is a supernatural demon? That’s pathology. But that’s the demonization it takes to justify the kind of hatred it has taken to whip a substantial percentage of the electorate into extreme delusional hysteria. And yet, if we didn’t allow for superstitious nonsense gods to influence our thinking in the first place… we wouldn’t have to worry about others being demonized, would we?

The seeds of ochlocracy. Now we got mob rule. Give the job to the LEAST qualified fucker possible.

Gynophobia is sanctioned by the Bible. To elect a woman is to wrestle with Original Sin. Sin didn’t exist until woman. To believe in the Biblical God is to believe that sin originated with woman. It’s very deep – the distrust of woman. It’s practically commanded by biblical doctrine. Hillary got to smell of sulfur just like her friend from hell, Barack.

In this election, the choices were as clear as they were in Eden.

The Woman’s Proposition:
Let us follow the children, eat from the Tree of Knowledge between Good and Evil and take the adventure. Let us live this life as women, men, lovers and heroes for each other without an authoritative father. Let us govern ourselves and raise our families, communities, our country with reason, responsibility, empathy and connection. We are after all, a species designed to build together and we can build great things when we have a plan. Here is a thorough plan and a vision you can add to. We can perfect this union, build democracy and be equals. We can do this through independent thought and empowerment. Let’s love and take care of each other.

The Man’s Proposition:
I alone can fix it.

or even more famously … “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

There’s going to have to be a point where we all have to come to grips with the dangerous theory of “Might Makes Right.” The destruction inviting idea of searching for a “strongman” to protect you. That’s how dictatorships start. I’m sad and frustrated that I thought we had arrived, but we didn’t. Hillary, I am so proud of you. I am proud of the conversations we’ve had because of what you’ve done. But we lost this round. We lost bigly. The bullying was deep, it came from all directions and from a man who is really a bully personified. He is the clinical bully. Every way to bully, he knows. It’s the genius that comes with his sickness.

Apparently, enough of us prefer an authoritative, abusive, incestuous, rapist, almighty, unfalsifiable father to a kindly over accountable human grandmother. Really? The kind of father who when he gets fed up with his children, just drowns them all – and the animals too – except for one family who he teaches to make a boat, etc…? That’s wack but that’s where we are. That means that we have to step up our game is all. We have to fight harder to make sure that critical thinking is taught in our schools. We have to fight harder to separate nature from the supernatural. We have to fight harder to protect each other’s dignities and safety during this time when our country snapped and decided to put the embodiment of the human id into the most powerful office of our government.

Yes, these times will be rough, what with a president elect who knows nothing about how government works and whose ideas of economy are bankruptcies, debt and stiffing people; has no useful platform; and can’t wait to play with nukes. My thoughts are, #1 be frugal as hell. #2 Stay strong and smart; keep working; keep being involved; know what’s going on. raise your game intellectually and philosophically. #3 Protect the First Amendment with everything we have! With a sociopath at the head of our government, DC will be playing a daily game of Enter the Dragon – like what Bruce Lee was doing in the room of mirrors. It’s going to be an upside down world in there.

We are now going to see the extent of the human id when you give it the buying power of the US Treasury and the Firepower of the sum of human achievement in technology and weaponry.

That’s what we elected. I submit that I have no confidence in this decision. We are in a bad place.

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