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Did You Actually Have to Ask Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault?

Why don’t women come forward about sexual assault?  We’re not much more than bitches in this society.  We are on the same level in society as dogs – when we are lucky.  Obviously, we really don’t talk about this in our culture because it is the LITERAL cause of UNSPEAKABLE hurt and trauma.  I don’t say that just for myself or for my blood sisters, but all my sisters because we were randomly distributed with a pair of “x” chromosomes.

It doesn’t matter what we achieve, how good a life we’ve lived…  For such a random chromosome pairing, which was by no individual choice, we entered a world where the predominant mythological tree of life in the subconscious of men for thousands of years has been deeply rooted in the shit hypothesis of Original Sin, which is as follows:  Sin did not exist until Eve, the first Woman, decided to disobey God once.  Because of that, the couple that God created was cast out of his perfect temperature controlled garden where there was nothing but yummy harvest every day OUT to the big bad world where there were already like a million people.  But Adam, the first Man,would have to work for a living and Eve would have pain during child birth.  You go figure, I didn’t write that shit.  But because of that, our gender (half the population) gets to be a convenient pre-dehumanized fuckable scapegoat.

There are those who believe this shit who walk among us.  And a whole bunch of them are in positions of government representation of our society.  Now how are we going to change that?  I think we had better start having courageous conversations of about closing the past and protecting the future if we want to steer ourselves in a kinder direction.   Might have to intellectually time warp a few millennia – just eight or so…

I understand sexism.  It’s really gross and it’s really stealth.  It’s had thousands of years of its maggotry – yes, I made up that word.  It means, what maggots do when they are feasting on a rotting carcas.  In this case, for thousands of years.  Yea.  The enslaving, dehumanizing and paralyzing hypothesis of Original Sin, that comes from that book of all the live action porn that in our civilized society couldn’t be produced because they’re against the law!  You know, that one that someone decided to call, The Good Book — and we have to respect crazy beliefs?  Really?  For whom?  Answer:  Ambitious psychopaths.  And that’s how a society enables treason.

Here is a little story that I’ve buried very deep because it is humiliating — not just personally, which is my last concern.  What hurts me most deeply is that it has been a great burden to my sisters, especially to my youngest sister whose wounds run so deep, she is practically irretrievable.

We are immigrants from the Philippines.  We grew up very poor.  My aunt married a textbook white supremacist from South Carolina who called black folks, “jungle bunnies” and “monkeys.”  He was not only extremely racist but also uneducable.  He was simply devoid of intelligence.  He was a sexual predator, and was certain that girls from the Philippines were nothing but mail order brides or American Navy or Airforce beer hall prostitutes.  We were easy targets.  All four of us were molested on different levels.

You wonder how women don’t speak up on these matters right away?  Why do you wonder?  Do you not know that YOU animals are the ones who create the SHAME and sickness that keep girls and women afraid to tell how they have been defiled and disgraced?  YOU, callous, entitled men and shameless women who wish for your pussies to be grabbed are the culprits in creating a world where our gender is lower than dogs among our own species.

My sisters and I learned when we were very young our place in this society when we tried to complain about my aunt’s husband to a “counsel” of elders which included our parents and our aunts.  After our testimonies to them, in all their wisdom, WE WERE GUILTY.  We were guilty of being pretty and dressing pretty and wearing makeup and doing our hair attractively.

Okay.  Let’s just put this down.


Why is that such a difficult concept if not for the fact that women are so decidedly lower on such a deep level than men?  For my part, I just don’t feel like taking part in any diseased cult of misogyny.  I love women and I want to see us free to be who we are,  express ourselves and work in our fields where we can cultivate happiness and health.  I never changed my position on it.  I couldn’t tolerate sexism or racism.   Only difference was that I had less words and more muscle in the early 80s.

We were ordered to apologize to this white supremacist lecher for bringing his honor into question.  What a creep.  But, we were not to humiliate my aunt’s husband.  We had no right to do that so reality needed to be reversed, therefore we were made guilty of crimes against us.   I told them, “Fuck that!” and was summarily dealt with.  I took such a beating that it distracted them from having to enforce my sisters having to deliver that obscene demand.   But even being saved from having to deliver an empty gesture, it hurt like hell to be blamed by the people we counted on the most because religious and social biases that our elders had to learn to accept in their lives in order to survive.  Do I think my dear parents would have made such a grotesque error in judgment had it not been in fear of our residency status, our skin color, what society repeats over and over again for thousands of years?  No, I don’t.  They had their circumstances.  But under those circumstances, my sisters and I were denied every shred of our dignity for the benefit of an obese, callous handed, crab smelling, practically illiterate, id-minded, disgusting creep who continued to be entitled to sexually assault women openly for the rest of his days.

And we just live life accepting that the world is like that.  I just grew up learning how to beat the shit out of a dude.  Beat the shit out of some asswipe who broke into my apartment and tried to rape me.  I was on the phone, so I guess that counts as being armed.  Scared my brother to pieces since he had to hear the whole thing on the other side of the line.

But we’re women.  We don’t live in the same world as yours.  Ours is kind of like the same world as the man’s world, except it’s rigged with mines fucking everywhere.  How many of us don’t know that yet?  Well, can more of us please know that and can we do something serious about it if we want to raise the level of our playing field because seriously, we’re just going to continue getting our asses kicked or we’re going to have to kick some asses?  What kind of life is that?

Do you really want to know why women don’t come forward?  Do you, now?  Why don’t you ask yourselves what you do to make it impossible for us to do so?


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