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These are Defining Times, We Should Start Clarifying Definitions

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screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-12-35-33-pmAt my core, I am convinced that people are not born with hatred. I have no evidence that has ever led me to believe that any baby is born with anything but the wish to love. Nothing can possibly be more precious to a newborn than hearing the beating of her own mother’s heart. Being born into the world doesn’t make us hate. What we are taught to believe does.

Even then, no matter what kind of terrible information people of kindness and empathy receive – they are able to ask questions. Like… really? Is that person really someone to hate? What did that person do? Why do you say that person is a supernatural, metaphysical demon that I should fear?

Because they’re not like us? Whaaaaat? That’s it? That’s all of it? Seriously? You’re just telling me to hate for no reason? That’s wack.

Being someone who has been cursed with a great deal of patience and curiosity, I have gone in with Trumpies and engaged. My batting average… pretty high. I’ve either reduced them to word salads or when I’ve actually been given the same courtesy, been able to come to an agreement. It’s a little harder these days because they seem to feel some weird entitlement to act like assholes like they won something they didn’t and therefore have some magic power to beat me over the head with. It’s nothing but an illusion.

Yes, I’ve been called everything including NOT human by Trumpies. I have been called a satanic demon by card carrying Christians, which I expect from that mentality. It doesn’t hurt me personally, but it does worry me for the sake of society and civilization. As a human being, I don’t get it. I don’t see how I could ever consider my adversary as being any less than my equal in species or dignity or inalienable rights or anything like that.

I also love the First Amendment, so fire away. I’ll listen to you. I have a tough shell. I might even have a conversation with you. But if you’re totally out of control, you might have to go to the back of the line while I speak to someone who actually has manners. Bern feelers have called me everything from “retarded” to “caustic bitch” – and those are just my friends. That, I didn’t expect. Some days, being a centrist and a moderate is harder than others.

These are hard times, I’m not going to try to sell anybody any fluff. I’m not a fluffy person. I think the worst thing you can do is force false fluff on others in bad times. Our country, our democracy, our very way of existence is in the gravest peril imaginable because of a toxic combination of having been punked up BIGLY – sold the biggest con in the history of our Union. We’re in crisis – in every direction. I frankly find these memes telling everyone to be nice at the expense of their right to express themselves quite offensive — and btw — anyone who has problems with the Anti-Trump protesters are Anti-First Amendment and need to go fuck themselves for all I care.

KAKISTOCRACY — here’s a word that we should all learn right about now. It means government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

There’s a very simple reason why we are having a circus of installing an administration of the sleaziest and most incompetent individuals to possibly occupy a democratic government. That’s what his voters want. I wanted to be the last person who thought unwell of my fellow human being. I never wanted to think that anyone was inherently unkind or hateful or just sick like this. But let’s not mess around with this fact. It came down to that. Trump voters are inherently racist. They voted for a racist message and a racist vision of America. ¬† That couldn’t be clearer especially in view of the Steve Bannon appointment. ¬†This is the government that is in the process of being transitioned right now.

So if you voted for Trump, you voted for white supremacy and fuck everyone else — congratulations. You seem to have gotten what you want. Total mayhem and the end of checks and balances. Good for you. White power!

To everyone else, please don’t be as mean to them as they have been to us when their dear leader turns on them, too. They’re going to need first aid and crisis counseling soon.

This is everybody’s problem.

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